In 11 months 2020,The ministry of land management urban planning and construction of Cambodia has permitted the construction License 4,328 projects equal 15.36 millions Sqm ,that estimated cost of investment around 7,000 Millions USD, has decreased 25.16% if compare with same period in 2019. So the demand of construction materials and construction machinery need many for using in construction industry . In this situation Cambodia Constructors Association has organized the biggest Cambodia International Construction Industry Expo on 2-4 Dec. 2021 at Koh Pich exhibition center in Phnom Penh capital city start from 8 : 00 to 19 : 00, the Expo event supported by the Government. Especially Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning & Construction . The Organizer will invite many contractors , project owners, construction developers and investors , designers , ……..come to visit the expo, in the event have prepare the business matching area for whom interested and want to seek business. There are 350 booths , The booth start open for hiring , hurry up who come first can choose good location. Thanks . The Cambodia Constructors Association ( 139 members ) has donated 10,000USD for Supporting the Government to against the COVID 19 .